California Report: Over 800 Hate Incidents in 3 Months

June 2020
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California Report

6/30/20 – In 13 weeks, respondents from California reported 832 incidents of COVID-19-related discrimination and harassment. Averaging 10 per day, these reports reveal a pervasive and consistent pattern of anti-Asian American hate in this state. Additionally, Stop AAPI Hate received reports from 34 counties, indicating a statewide problem.

Breakdown of 832 reported incidents:

  • 81 incidents of physical assault against Asian Americans were reported in California during the past 13 weeks.
  • 64 incidents suggest potential civil rights violations against Asian Americans in California, including instances where Asian Americans were discriminated at the workplace, barred from establishments, or prevented from using transportation.
  • Asian American women in California reported almost twice as many (1.7x) incidents of discrimination and harassment as men — 360 of the 583 incidents in which individuals identified their gender were reported by women.
  • 90 incidents of discrimination against elderly Asian Americans were reported (11.2% of all incidents).

Click here to read the full report (PDF).