Youth Incidents Report

September 2020
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Youth Incidents Report

9/17/20 – After 18 weeks (3/19/20–7/22/20), Stop AAPI Hate has received 341 reports of anti-Asian discrimination involving youth nationally. These cases make up 16% of all self-reported hate incidents to Stop AAPI Hate (N= 2,499) during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Types of Discrimination

  • 78 youth – over eight out of ten (81.5%) — report being bullying or verbally harassed
  • 82 youth — one out of four (24%) — faced shunning and social isolation.
  • 24 physical assaults (8%) of youth were reported.

Trends in Discrimination

  • Youth were more likely than adults to be harassed at school (16.7% v. 1.8%), public parks (13.5% v. 11.2%), and online (16.7% v. 10.1%).
  • Girls were 2.5 times more likely to report hate incidents than boys, slightly higher than the adult ratio.
  • In over half of these cases (56%), perpetrators employ anti-Chinese hate speech,including blaming China and the Chinese as the source of the virus and mocking Chinese dietary habits.
  • Adults were present in almost half of the incidents (48%), but in only 10% of the cases did bystanders intervene.

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