Stop AAPI Hate Youth Campaign

Program Overview

The Stop AAPI Hate Youth Campaign is a youth-led initiative for Stop AAPI Hate. Our program strives to educate and empower youth peers on prevalent issues that Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities face. It is led by high school and college students who are passionate and committed to stopping AAPI hate.

Our Goals

We aim to serve as an educational platform and encourage activism in AAPI communities in the face of rising racism and xenophobia. We actively create policy reports and recommendations to combat anti-Asian hate in schools and also provide educational resources on our Instagram account, @stopaapihateyc. We hope to inspire others to speak out and empower them to address the issues we face.

Key Accomplishments

In Spring of 2022, the Youth Campaign hosted a summit called “Stopping AAPI Hate and Advancing Educational Equity: Organizing for Asian American Studies and Critical Pacific Islands & Oceania Studies” that brought together students, parent advocates, educators, and legislators on advocating, organizing for, and implementing ethnic studies at the K-12 level. Interns facilitated workshops on testimonials and organizing, ethnic studies resolutions, the benefits of ethnic studies, and curriculum frameworks and education advocacy.

During the Fall of 2021, the Stop AAPI Hate Youth Campaign presented workshops at the Changemaker Summit 2021, which was hosted by Act to Change, Hate is a Virus, and Stop AAPI Hate. The interns also organized a workshop series on identity, intersectionality, and discrimination, prioritizing mental health during COVID-19, stopping the virus of cyber-racism, and the impacts of sexualizing Asians.

The Summer 2021 AAPI Youth Campaign focused on topics of mental health and wellness. For a key project, interns created social media posts focused on concepts such as harmful representation in media, mental health during COVID-19, and 53 word stories on cultural experiences. Interns also administered interviews with AAPI participants, and the interview responses, along with other materials, were used to fill out public policy reports and create lesson plans.

In Spring of 2021, the Stop AAPI Hate Youth Campaign conducted a nationwide survey to collect data about how AAPI youth and parents feel about going back to school. From the responses, interns wrote a back-to-school statement to address AAPI students returning to school and to offer schools recommendations on how to offer AAPI students better support.

In the Fall of 2020, the Youth Campaign held its first AAPI Youth Conference. The focus of the event was for high school students to learn more about anti-Asian hate during COVID-19. The conference included a variety of workshops, including ones on identity and intersectionality, yellow peril and scapegoating, mental health, and ethnic studies.

During the Summer of 2020, Stop AAPI Hate hosted a youth campaign internship where interns participated in a three-phase social media, stories, and actions campaign. For the social media campaign, interns created posts to promote reporting hate incidents to the official Stop AAPI Hate website. In the stories campaign, they interviewed almost 1,000 peers regarding their experiences with hate incidents and their feelings towards rising racism and xenophobia. The internship ended with an actions campaign where groups contributed to a policy report, created educational curriculums, and developed online resources.

SAH Youth Campaign Toolkit 

The Stop AAPI Hate Youth Campaign Toolkit is a resource where some of our past projects can be viewed, including policy reports and educational materials. Click here to access them. We will continue to upload new resources to the toolkit as we develop them.

Get Involved

Interested in learning more about the Youth Campaign program and getting involved? We welcome the opportunity to add more members to our program. To find out more, contact us at You can also follow us on Instagram @stopaapihateyc. Help us make an impact on stopping AAPI hate. Together, we can make a change.

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