Texas Report

7/23/20 – Stop AAPI Hate has received 63 incident reports of antiAsian American hate in Texas from March 19, 2020 through July 1, 2020. These numbers are based on selfreported incidents and do not reflect the number of incidents that actually occur, but emerging trends can be identified about the nature and extent of COVID19 discrimination.

Types of Discrimination

  • Verbal harassment (63%) and shunning (24%) constitute the most common form of hate incidents reported by Asian Americans in Texas.
  • Physical assaults constituted 22% of reported incidents more than twice the national rate (9%).
  • Potential civil rights violations, including workplace discrimination, being barred from establishments, and being barred from transportation, constituted 13% of reported incidents.

Trends in Discrimination

  • Youth reported 16% of the incidents in Texas, compared to nationally where youth report 10% of the incidents.
  • Seven out of ten respondents are nonChinese, reflecting that broader segments of the Asian American community are being racially profiled.
  • Men reported as many incidents of harassmentas women, which counters the national pattern, where women report 70% of incidents.
  • Incidents included reports from the five largest cities in Texas, including Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, and Fort Worth.

Read the entirety of the Texas report here. (PDF file)

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