Week 1 Report

3/25/20 – This report reviews 673 reports of coronavirus discrimination submitted to Stop AAPI Hate’s website from March 1925, 2020. Even without much publicity, we have already received a strong response from the community, who want their voices to be heard.

Emerging trends include:

  • Almost 100 reports daily, with 5.5% from limitedEnglish speakers.
  • Women are three times more likely to report harassment than men.
  • Asian Americans of different ethnicities are racially profiled; 61% of the reports are from nonChinese.
  • Verbal harassment and name calling are the most commonly reported type of discrimination, making up over two-thirds of reports.
  • With shelterinplace policies, Asian Americans are more likely to face coronavirus discrimination in businesses, especially stores, rather than at schools and public transit as previously observed.

Read the report in its entirety here. (PDF file)

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