Act Now

> Encourage those who experience or witness acts of hate towards the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities to report an incident at our website. The reporting form is available in 11 languages. Reporting incidents helps us understand what is happening and guides us in developing policies to advocate for. Report an incident here

> Share safety tips with your friends and family on what to do if encountering or witnessing hate.

See our safety tips

Our safety tips are also available in multiple languages

> Be informed about what is happening and why.

Read our reports to understand the context

> Support our work with donation.

Donate to Stop AAPI Hate

> Donate to local efforts through the Movement Hub, a network of organizations dedicated to addressing anti-Asian racism in regions across the U.S.

Donate to the Movement Hub

> Be civically engaged in your local community. 

>> Ask your elected officials what they are doing to increase resources for survivors and their families, and for intervention- and prevention-based programs such as anti-racism education in schools and in communities.  

>> Demand ordinances or resolutions to condemn hate. Endorse strong civil rights laws at the local and state levels. What are the issues that exist within your community that need to be addressed?

>> Advocate for expanded civil rights protections that would safeguard Asian Americas and other people from harassment in private businesses. 

See if your state has public accommodation laws that protect people from discrimination in businesses

> Work with your workplace, school, faith-based institution, union, or community organization to issue a statement denouncing anti-Asian racism and to encourage everyone to work towards racial justice.

> Support Ethnic Studies in your local school districts and educational institutions. Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders have experienced centuries of violence in the U.S. We need to address the perpetual foreigner stereotype that frames Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders as outsiders to this nation. Due to this Orientalist framing, Asians can be excluded, detained, deported, and attacked because we supposedly don’t belong here. Ethnic Studies helps teach students the sources of this racism and promotes racial empathy and solidarity. 

> Support local Asian-owned businesses. These businesses began seeing a decline in business even before the first case of coronavirus was confirmed in the U.S. and stay-at-home orders were enacted.