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We’re on a mission to advance racial justice for all AAPI communities — and we can’t pull it off without your support. Learn more about how you can support our active campaigns below:


Stop the Blame

A growing number of political leaders are using U.S.-China geopolitics as an excuse to promote anti-Asian political rhetoric, discriminatory land ownership bans, and warrantless surveillance measures targeting Asian immigrants. This is anti-Asian scapegoating, and it’s putting our safety and our rights in harm’s way. That’s why we’re joining forces with Chinese for Affirmative Action to launch a nationwide campaign to stop the blame and stop anti-Asian scapegoating.

No Place for Hate

We’re leading a multiracial coalition to shift the burden of confronting hate and harassment away from victims and survivors and toward public agencies. In 2022, we secured historic legislation in California to make public transit and businesses safer and more accessible for all. In 2023, we are coming back to continue what we started.