Community Capacity Building

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The strength of our movement for racial justice depends on the leadership and advocacy of local and community-based organizations. In partnership with a growing network of partners located across the country, our team facilitates community-led engagement by: supporting local efforts to educate, organize, advocate, and heal; nurturing collaboration between local advocates and national coalitions; and increasing access to the resources, opportunities, and expertise needed to advance civil rights and social justice for all.

Community Safety & Transformation

For our coalition, “community safety” is not just the absence of violence but also the presence of economic opportunities, housing, physical health and mental health care, education, in-language and culturally relevant services, and other basic resources that help our communities thrive.

Our team conducts community-based engagement and research to assess how cities and states nationwide keep their communities safe from hate and bigotry, violence, economic inequality, and other challenges facing Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. Drawing from emerging approaches to social support infrastructure, wraparound services, community healing and/or restorative justice practices as well as violence prevention and intervention programs, our team creates and advocates for solutions that service our mission to build a safer, more equitable future.

In May 2023, our team traveled to Dallas, Texas to support and uplift local partners in their response to the Allen mall shooting. Pictured (left to right): Lily Trieu, Asian Texans for Justice; Stephanie Drenka, Dallas Asian American Historical Society; and Aisa Villarosa, Stop AAPI Hate)

Rapid Response

When crisis strikes, it is critical that survivors, surviving families, and others impacted can access the direct relief and resources they need to get back on their feet. From acts of mass violence to targeted acts of hate, our team supports rapid-response efforts nationwide to address immediate harm and mobilize support for longer-term reforms.

Visit the Community Resources page to learn more about resources that came out of our rapid response work.