Protestors gather in front of the courthouse in Tallahassee, Florida, where attorneys for ACLU and AALDEF argued against the implementation of SB 264. Photo Credit to Erich Martin, ACLU.

Building Bridges: Stop AAPI Hate July Newsletter

August 2023
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It’s been an eventful month for Stop AAPI Hate. Just a few weeks ago, our advocacy team joined dozens of community leaders in Tallahassee to protest SB 264, a dangerous bill that prohibits Chinese immigrants from owning land solely based on where they’re from. This bill is not only discriminatory, but it also violates the civil rights of Chinese immigrants and fuels anti-Asian hate.

“This law is not just an attack on the property rights of individuals of Chinese descent. It is a stark reminder of the discriminatory practices of the past that we have fought so hard to overcome.” 

Advocacy Manager, Nick Gee (Chinese for Affirmative Action) to NBC News

Learn more about SB 264:

And that’s not all. Keep scrolling for more on what our coalition – and our broader AAPI communities – were up to this July. If you have something worth sharing, please send a message to   

Updates from our coalition

Our team traveled across the country to meet with and learn from other movers and shakers in our community. 

Stop AAPI Hate team members gather at the 2023 Netroots Nation conference in Chicago, Illinois.
Stop AAPI Hate team members gather at the 2023 Netroots Nation conference in Chicago, Illinois.

In Chicago, we attended Netroots Nation — where Manjusha P. Kulkarni joined advocates from NAACP and Newtown Action Alliance for a discussion on gun violence as a civil rights issue. 

In Montgomery, the AAPI Civic Engagement Fund brought together 100+ organizations, including Stop AAPI Hate, for a two-day conference on our shared movement for racial justice — and what comes next. 

In Austin, we joined thousands of Asian and Pacific Islander professionals at the Ascend Leadership Convention and participated in conversations about anti-AAPI racism and how it affects mental health.

This month, our coalition became the newest member of the National Council on Asian Pacific Americans (NCAPA) — a nationwide alliance of close to 50 organizations committed to representing the interests of AA and NHPI communities.

Stop AAPI Hate responded to presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy’s reckless, false claim that COIVD-19 was “ethnically targeted.” In an interview with CBS News, co-founder Manjusha Kulkarni (AAPI Equity Alliance) said, “Dangerous rhetoric rooted in misinformation and bigotry must not be normalized”

We are still hiring. Over the past few weeks, Stop AAPI Hate has announced several new positions. Visit our careers page to learn more about the following roles: 

Recent data suggests that California’s API Equity Budget is making a positive difference — but more investment is needed, points out co-founder Cynthia Choi (Chinese for Affirmative Action) to the Sacramento Bee.

Updates from our communities

Pew Research Report reveals that most Asian Americans view their ancestral homelands in a positive light — except for Chinese Americans. 

Advocates are protesting a new Florida law that will make it harder for certain AAPI populations to vote in their preferred language. 

The New York Times reveals growing tensions between the U.S. and China have dangerous implications for the people of Guam and other Pacific territories.