Our Mission

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Stop AAPI Hate is a U.S.-based coalition dedicated to ending racism and discrimination against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAs & PIs). We strive to advance the multiracial movement for equity and justice by building power for our communities, working in solidarity with other communities of color, and advocating for comprehensive solutions that tackle the root causes of race-based hate.

As the nation’s largest reporting center tracking anti-AAPI hate acts, our coalition publishes data insights and research findings to paint a vivid and nuanced picture of racism and other forms of bigotry as it is experienced by our communities. Leveraging our core strategies – Data & Research, Policy & Advocacy, Community Capacity Building, and Narrative Change – we drive progress across three distinct issue areas to create a safer, more equitable future for all.

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Civil Rights Protections

Our coalition advocates for stronger civil rights to protect our communities from discrimination and unfair treatment and ensure that we can participate fully in our democracy and in life – at school and work, in stores, on public transit, when seeking housing and other services.

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Community Safety and Transformation

Our coalition advocates for holistic resources to confront all forms of hate – whether interpersonal or institutional – support victims and survivors on their path to recovery, and build safer, more equitable communities for all.

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Education Equity

Our coalition advocates for ethnic studies and education-based solutions to lift up the various histories and present-day experiences of Asian American and Pacific Islander communities and teach future generations how to thrive in our ever-changing world.