Our Approach

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At Stop AAPI Hate, our work is grounded in the belief that we must confront racism at its root with comprehensive, non-carceral solutions to effectively prevent and respond to anti-AAPI hate. 

We recognize the term “hate” is subject to different interpretations. Our coalition upholds a broad definition of hate that accounts for the various ways in which racism, prejudice and discrimination show up: interpersonally by individuals inside and outside of our communities and systemically by institutions. Our work is equally as broad, and our core strategies – 1) Data & Research, 2) Policy & Advocacy, 3) Community Capacity Building, and 4) Narrative Change – are designed to advance the nationwide movement for racial justice on the systemic level. 

Not all ACTS of hate are hate crimes

The vast majority of reports we receive from the public are not hate crimes, but rather acts of hate — such as verbal harassment or racism in public spaces. 

Even though all acts of hate are harmful and traumatic, most are not classified as crimes or hate crimes. This means they cannot be addressed through our criminal legal system. 

We champion non-carceral solutions to hate because they help us confront all forms of hate — whether they are hate crimes or not — and because carceral solutions, like policing, disproportionately harms BIPOC communities, including Pacific Islanders.

Through continued investments in these four strategies, Stop AAPI Hate advances progress in our three core issue areas: Civil Rights, Community Safety and Transformation, and Education Equity.

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Data & Research

As the leading aggregator of self-reported anti-Asian and Pacific Islander hate acts, our coalition conducts data analysis and research on AAPI communities — to help the world better understand who we are, what we experience, and where further investment is needed.

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Policy and Advocacy

We hold leaders accountable and develop and advocate for policy change that centers AAPI communities and strengthen civil rights protections, dismantle systemic racism affecting AAPI communities, and support victims and survivors of violence and other forms of hate.

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Community Capacity Building

We build strong networks of AAPI organizations that are best positioned to drive change in the communities they serve. We accomplish this by helping communities access the opportunities and resources they need to mobilize for equity, justice, and liberation. 

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Narrative Change

Social change requires narrative change, or a cultural shift in how everyday people and decision-makers see and perceive the world. At Stop AAPI Hate, we tell stories that challenge harmful misconceptions about AAPI communities and mobilize support for a world in which all of us can thrive.