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Stop AAPI Hate on Lunar New Year Shooting

Stop AAPI Hate released the following statement in response to the fatal shooting in Monterey Park, California:

“After a day of celebration, we are waking up to a nightmare. This is devastating beyond words. We cannot imagine the pain that so many families are experiencing today. At Stop AAPI Hate, many people on our staff know this community well and feel connected to it. Our hearts are with the loved ones of all those whose lives were taken, those who were injured, and the countless others who were shaken by fear that no one should have had to experience.

Our community has faced so much tragedy and trauma over the last several years. This tremendous act of violence, on one of the most important days of the year for many Asian Americans, at a place where Asian American families come to gather and celebrate, is sending shockwaves through our community. While the details are still developing, we do know that the shooter’s access to guns turned this into a massacre. From local parades, to LGBTQ+ gatherings, to classrooms, to grocery stores, to spas, gun violence continues to devastate communities of all stripes, including our own. As we struggle to process the pain, we must also work to prevent this from ever happening again.”