Our Work

Data and Research
Stop AAPI Hate is the leading aggregator of anti-Asian and Pacific Islander hate incidents. This includes analysis of the data to better understand what is happening, where, and to whom, and using this information to advocate for resources and effective solutions.

Policy and Advocacy
We advocate for the passage of local, state, and national policies that strengthen human rights and civil rights protections, dismantle systemic racism harming AAPI communities, and address root causes of discrimination and bigotry.

Narrative Change
We work with partners to change how issues of racism are understood and build power to dismantle systemic racism. We also work on shifting attitudes in the general public to acknowledge anti-AAPI hate as a long-standing problem to move people towards solutions rooted in solidarity and equity for all.

Community Capacity Building
We build strong networks of culturally-competent organizations across AAPI communities that are in the best position to drive change where they are. We also support local leaders and connect them with the resources they need to be a part of a broader movement building for change.


Key Initiatives

Civil Rights

Stronger civil rights laws and enforcements are needed to hold institutions and systems accountable so that all people are protected from discrimination and bias. We seek to strengthen civil rights protections to prevent and address hate where our data shows it happens – at places of business, public places, online, and in schools.

Community Safety and Transformation

This encompasses working with impacted communities to center healing, prevention, and intervention against all forms of violence, including institutional violence. When people experience hate, they need support, both rapid response and ongoing, and local organizations are best positioned to provide it.

Education Equity and Ethnic Studies

In building a movement for equity and justice, education equity demands the centering of AAPI and BIPOC issues, histories, and voices in the classroom — ensuring that all students learn about the shared and unique experiences of AAPIs. We see ethnic studies as a preventative way to address racism. Our Stop AAPI Hate Youth Campaign is focused on advancing ethnic studies.

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